She is not “my girl.”

She belongs to herself. And I am blessed, for with all her freedom, she still comes back to me, moment-to-moment, day-by-day, and night-by-night.

How much more blessed can I be?

Avraham Chaim, Thoughts after The Alchemist (via petitedino)


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the fearless, the kind, the honest, the selfless, the intelligent; five factions, five fanmixes. {listen alltogether}

dauntless {listen}

1. bad blood//bastille 2. miss jackson//panic! at the disco featuring lolo 3. na na na//my chemical romance 4. too close//alex clare 5. the reckless and the brave//all time low 6. kiss with a fist//florence & the machine 7. bangarang//skrillex 8. ready aim fire//imagine dragons 9. my songs know what you did in the dark//fall out boy 10. anklebiters//paramore

amity {listen}

1. come on eileen//dexys midnight runners 2. you’ve got the love//florence & the machine 3. open arms//elbow 4. tongue tied//grouplove 5. i don’t know//lisa hannigan 6. wake up//arcade fire 7. i will wait//mumford and sons 8. on top of the world//imagine dragons 9. sweet disposition//the temper trap 10. the john wayne//little green cars

candor {listen}

1. secrets//one republic 2. ellie goulding//lights 3. royals//lorde 4. flaws//bastille 5. this is gospel//panic! at the disco 6. swear it like you mean it//go radio 7. shake it out//florence & the machine 8. who we are//imagine dragons 9. sail//awolnation 10. laura palmer//bastille

abnegation {listen}

1. youth//daughter 2. yellow light//of monsters and men 3. the cave//mumford and sons 4. all i want//ellie goulding (kodaline cover) 5. the a team//ed sheeran 6. stubborn love//the lumineers 7. strawberry swing//coldplay 8. anything could happen//fun (ellie goulding cover) 9. paper cup//the shoe 10. dog days are over//florence & the machine

erudite {listen}

1. cavalier//james vincent mcmorrow 2. spectrum// florence & the machine 3. the lightning strike//snow patrol 4. video games//lana del ray 5. pompeii//bastille 6. arrival of birds (remix)//cinematic orchestra 7. demons//imagine dragons 8. how to save a life//the fray 9. witching hour//little green cars 10. the suburbs (instrumental)//arcade fire

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And as the world comes to an end
I’ll be here to hold your hand

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❀ about me. ❀


name: Anastasia
age: 15
birthday: August 7th
zodiac: Leo
single or taken: hella single
height: 5’3
eye color: blue
middle name: in my country we don’t have one but… Alexandra ??? idk
favorite color: red
lucky number: 7


hogwarts house: Gryffindor 
favorite fictional character: rose hathaway
favorite television show: teen wolf, the vampire diaries, castle
favorite season: summer
describe yourself in a few words: hella emotional, confident, funny, annoying

meaning of your name: resurrection

ultimate otp: nian 

what do you plan to/do for a living: idk yet i want to travel
starbucks order: caramel macchiato


introvert or extrovert: extrovert
dawn or dusk:
righty or lefty: righty
coffee or tea: coffee
rain or shine: shine
reading or writing: both

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Fan Question: Could you take your tops off?

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"This treasure is beyond material, this treasure is the enhancement of your ability to feel the infinite, subtle energies that bring us a divine experience."


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